STX’s plan to be one of the major Hollywood studios

When asked about future plans regarding the STX Entertainment, Robert Simonds said that, “Presently we are in the buying i.e. purchasing mode and have plans to look at lot of things”.

“We’re in buying mode, and we are looking at a lot of things,” In addition to that, he also said “It would be insincere if one has this huge amount of money that needs to be deployed to not be without thinking about all the other aspects.”

STX Entertainment is started by Robert Simonds and Bill McGlashan. Prior to this production company, Robert Simonds was working individually as a film producer and has produced many enduring films. Few of which are listed here. “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Big Daddy”, “The wedding Singer” and others. He has produced more than 30 films and are hit on the box office there by earning approximately $6 billion.

The co founder of STX Entertainment, Mr. Bill McGlashan is also the managing partner of a private equity firm of China. In his four years of working, the company has tripled its valuation.

For the dedicated work of Robert Simonds at STX, he was also featured as one of the top dealmakers of Hollywood in a magazine named Variety magazine in 2014.  The Hollywood reporter also named Simonds to be one of the 100 most powerful people in the field of entertainment in their 1st and 2nd annual rankings.

McGlashan after discussing about the upcoming and different opportunities with Simonds bought into STX a board meeting at the Yale School of Management in the year 2011. McGlashan also argued that the business has grown more digital and more global in ways that will surely open up the opportunities for STX Entertainment and also other who are producing content the today.

Mr. Bill also says that “China didn’t exist as a media market 20 years ago,” and  “This is the first year where digital has outsold analog content, and with more connected devices, we’re seeing a media landscape that’s changed dramatically.”

When Robert Simonds was questioned in an interview about – Can Robert Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood?, he replied with a huge Yes and said that the company has also started working towards it.

Added to this, the company’s motion pictures group Chairman said that “We want to be seen as a major studio, and we also have the benefit of building ourselves today”.

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