Crowdfunding for Martial Arts Lessons for Young Girls

Well, India has done it again! Which is to say, it has been home to such an act of brutality on a young girl that the whole world, and even Indians are shocked. I am talking of course about the gangrape and murder of 8 year old Kashmiri Muslim girl, Asifa. Such violence on women and female children is nothing new in this country. In December 2012, a woman was brutally raped inside a moving bus in the National Capital Region. The country did protest and demand the harshest punishment for the accused, but that did nothing to save the life of this woman. Asifa is dead. Jyoti Singh is dead.

Crimes against women are not restricted to sexual ones. They take all forms. Domestic abuse is another incredibly common form of violence against women and can involve physical, financial and emotional abuse. Domestic violence can be sexual assault too, and marital rape has still not been criminalized in this country. Acid attacks are extremely common with most victims being women from various communities. Violence against women is not restricted to any one community. Think of it more as a unifying factor amongst Indian men.

So, what can we, women, do to prevent this? Obviously, a massive overhaul of societal norms and orders is what is required. We need to fight patriarchy- which is a system that privileges a man over everyone else. But what do we do as long as that ultimate dream is not realized? And can that ultimate dream be realized by making our women capable at physically fighting? How can crowdfunding help in that?

Most martial arts deal with defense techniques. The very idea of a martial art is to destabilise an attacker no matter how large he is. So, if a rather large or more than one man attacks a woman, it allows the woman to immediately hit back at them and escape the situation. Teaching young girls martial arts along with recognising sexual abuse when it happens can be the clue to creating a safe childhood. So are you interested in this dream of creating a safe childhood? If you are and want to provide martial arts classes for young girls, you can start a fundraiser at a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru.

Impact Guru is a Harvard incubated website that has worked extensively in the field of medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding. If you are interested in a project like this, you will need to hire teachers, approach people (schools, parents etc.). All of this will need funds. And your funds will come from crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency through that fundraiser you start on our website. You can expect it to circulate on social media and the emails of various donors. You need to reach out to all your contacts and we will do the same.

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