How to Qualify For a Business Loan

Getting a business loan is something every business owner should know about. If you do not have income, good luck trying to find a loan. To get a loan with First Union you have to fill out an online application because you need to submit a few documents since an advisor walks an entrepreneur through the rest. Clients can get approved within a few hours. Some lending firms offer loans in the minimum loan amount of $5,000 to a maximum of $500,000. Having a credit score of at least 650 is what is required to get any kind of loan at all.

Any business that gets a loan has to be in business for one year, and you have to check your business entities’ credit score. If your business is less than a year old, you can consider getting a start-up loan. Annual revenue must be around $50,000 to $150,000 a year as one form of eligibility criteria for a business loan.

A small business loan has many requirements that vary depending on where you go to get your loan. There are many ways a business can raise money though, that does not necessarily require taking out a loan such as a Kickstarter campaign or a GoFundMe campaign so that an entrepreneur has a realistic way of making income. An entrepreneur needs proof of income.

A loan can give a potential business owner access to working capital, a business plan should help determine what kind of loan is necessary. Business plans are necessary for every business because it means that a person has thought-through their goals on how to start their business. A business plan points out where slip-ups in planning have happened, as a business needs to be planned very carefully. You do not need to fear thinking big with business plans since the plan has to be put to good use.

Microloans could be a financing option since they are less than $50,000 because your plan helps you show lenders that the money you want to borrow will be put to good use. A business plan is required to show the loan officer regardless of what type of loan you look into. Entrepreneurs have to evaluate the current financial state of their business in order to get any loan at all. A business will have an Employer Identification Number, which is the equivalent of the social security number.

Lenders may need to review the owner’s personal credit history since any assets the owner has may qualify as collateral that you can pledge if the business fails if the loan cannot be repaid because the business is not making a profit. Job history is also important when a loan officer is looking to give a business owner their first loan. A successful job history proves that the business owner can manage the company. Commercial banks are picky with who they give loans to. Either way, the business owner has to have proof of income in order to get a loan, period.

If an entrepreneur is using the Small Business Administration to partially fund their business, the applicant has to provide as much information as possible to the lender so as the business can qualify for the loan that suits them the best. The bottom line is that the process of getting a small business loan can be different from lender to lender. As it is, the owner must apply for various different loans from different lenders, until one is approved. The entrepreneur must determine why a business loan is needed, in order to get Boston business loans.

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